Changing the Seafood Game

Make your taste buds jump for joy with one of our entrees

When you're craving seafood, few things beat a plate full of hot buttery shrimp. We take pride in serving top-quality seafood, cooked to perfection. Whether you're in the mood for shrimp and grits, shrimp tacos or BBQ shrimp, we have something you'll love.

Are you more of an oyster fan? We serve everything from Charbroiled oysters and Jack Pot style oysters. To enjoy fresh flavorful seafood without breaking the bank, look to The Point Seafood and Steakhouse. Visit us today to order the Shipwreck- a boiled seafood dinner including Dungeness crab, snow crab, and shrimp.

Savory steak, grilled to perfection

Sometimes, you just need a good steak. If that's how you're feeling today, make your way to The Point Seafood and Steakhouse. We serve tender steaks and flavorful entrees every single day.

In addition to beef steaks, we offer:

Grilled chicken breast
Blackened tuna steak
NOLA Style BBQ Shrimp

Want a burger with options? Stop by and try the Sweet Cheeks (Pepperjelly, bacon, pepperjack, jalopenos, and a fried egg on top) or even the John Deer (Served on Texas Toast, bacon, Cheddar cheese, and a fried egg on top)!